Lookeen Free Desktop Search

Lookeen Free Desktop Search 10.0

It helps you search your local Windows drives quickly and easily

As you’ve, probably, already guessed from its name, Lookeen Free Desktop Search is the free version of the powerful Lookeen search utility.
Even though it’s the lighter version of Lookeen Desktop Search, this program is still powerful enough to represent a reliable solution to search for files anywhere on your local hard drives. Lookeen Free Desktop Search is impressively fast, being capable of displaying search results as you type (“Search-as-you-type” feature). A lot of your precious time will be saved with this tool.

It is also capable of indexing huge numbers of files in a decent amount of time. Furthermore, Lookeen Free Desktop Search offers unparalleled accuracy and it allows you to preview image files, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, and other file types. You can even edit text files in the preview. Advanced search filters and wildcards functions are also supported. As you can see, this application is packed with plenty of cool features despite being a freeware tool.

Lookeen Free Desktop Search is also really simple-to-use, sporting a neat and intuitive interface that can be used with ease by anyone.

Cutting long story short, Lookeen Free Desktop Search is a great desktop search solution that leaves no room for complaint.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Fast
  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports filters and wildcards
  • Supports previewing some file types


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